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Recognizing a gap in North America for a wholesale food distributor that was committed to ethical business practices and providing customers with high-quality products, Day to Day Wholesale Cash & Carry began its journey in 2020 under Guruji Foods inc. umbrella in efforts to bridge this gap. Focused on the end product, we at Day to Day Wholesale Cash & carry want our customers to enjoy the experience. Under Guruji Foods, Day to Day Wholesale Cash & Carry takes pride in ensuring the utmost quality at every stage, beginning at sourcing. Despite being recently established in a saturated market, we have already built a loyal customer base because of our transparent business practices and a strong commitment to providing the utmost service.

Bringing products and essence of the South Asian region to our customers here in Canada, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of products from premium basmati rice to the spices at the core of this region’s food identity.

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We are proud to bring a vast collection of bulk and packaged spices that contain the essence of south Asian cuisine. We are proud of our vast collection of fresh and/or ready to cook ingredients for both our own prized brand as well as internationally recognized brands.


The signature product of the South Asian peninsula is basmati rice. We aim to bring the highest quality basmati rice in premium packaging from the heart of Punjab. The fragrance & taste of our Guruji basmati rice is unbeatable when compared to others because we ensure that the quality of our products starts at sourcing.

Along with rice, we import a variety of grains, lentils, beans, and flours products that are essential for the growing diverse food culture in North America.

Along with our rich assortment of food commodities, we are introducing a variety of highest quality flours processed at our family facility in Punjab operating for generations. Introducing the best tasting and purest Chana Flour in the North American market has been integral to our success and cementing our quality-oriented reputation in the community.


We grew up in households where grandmothers and elders passed on the knowledge of natural remedies and health-enhancing foods. Turmeric (Haldi), Basil (Tulsi), Gooseberry (Amla), Aloe vera, Noni, among other herbs, have been used as traditional remedies across the world to promote healthy lifestyles. We aim to bring these remedies to grocery shelves across North America to consume and convenient packaging.

Jaggery, a non-centrifugal cane sugar that contains the natural mixture of molasses and crystals, produces a final product that has been traditionally consumed alongside meals to promote healthy digestive systems and be associated with weight loss. We are proud to introduce traditional and pure Jaggery without added colors and chemicals.

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